Services We Offer


ButlerMRI services are scheduled after hours, during your imaging downtime, without ramping down the magnet or requiring 

supervision by your staff. For many customers, we also clean CT suites at MRI locations.

  • Scan room, control room and related facility cleaning scheduled at  one, two and four week intervals
  • Carpet vacuum and stain removal
  • Periodic floor stripping and refinishing
  • Floor restorations and sealing
  • Periodic carpet dry cleaning
  • Mobile facility exterior power washing
  • Scan room and control room wall repairs
  • Vinyl sheet or tile floor replacement
  • Installation of door edge guards
  • Bare magnet cleaning
  • Waveguide filter cleaning 
  • Emergency, pre-sale and post construction cleaning
  • Pre-inspection cleaning
  • Custom cleaning services
  • ...if you have another scan room requirement, please call!

For Mobile Operators

For Mobile Operators the ButlerMRI cleaning solution is compelling. Our specially trained cleaning technicians come to you, bringing all required supplies, equipment and exterior power-washing capability in a custom ButlerMRI vehicle. 

Every Service Includes


Our cleaning takes place outside your imaging hours, making security very important. We observe all your procedures for lock and key control, and photo-document that facility doors are closed and locked when cleaning is complete.


With fresh eyes, our Cleaning Technicians observe and report to you on conditions at your facility, from pathogen risks to maintenance and upkeep issues that may not be as evident to regular staff.

JCAHO and ACR Compliance

ButlerMRI cleaning services are carefully and accurately documented, providing you the written records you need to meet JCAHO and ACR requirements. 

Our technicians are fully trained and annually re-certified with training records provided to you for your files.